Storm’s Comin’


by Sue Zelko
Award winning oil painting on linen canvas, of a thunderstorm rapidly approaching across the Texas coastal plain, bringing welcome rain to the farm, and the promise of cooler air on a hot summer day. This could be any one of a multitude of similar small farms on the south central Texas plains.


Nicely framed original oil painting of a small south central Texas farm, with its barn and outbuildings clustered under shade trees. There is a massive thunderstorm approaching, nearing the farm, bringing welcome rain and the promise of cooler air to the hot summer day. You can almost see the rain begin to pelt the little farm, and smell the rain in the air. The painting features bold brushwork describing the simplicity of the scene. Framed in a contemporary espresso colored Plein air frame.

Additional information

Dimensions 24 × 20 in

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