Quack A Doodle Doo!


by Eugenia Algaze Garcia
Acrylic, 20″x16″.
Can you find a hidden duck, a cat, and 5 other bird shapes?

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This is a 20″x16″ acrylic artwork of a rooster, including a painted weathered wood frame with a broken board. It is floated in a black frame to a size of around 17″x21″. The multicolored rooster is alone, just outside the threshhold of an empty chicken coop shed. A few strands of hay are scattered on the ground near its feet.

This artwork was inspired by studying a friend’s majestic rooster who “ruled the roost” and had beautiful color contrasts between the red crest, honey colored neck, redish brown feathered wings, aqua blue highlight accents on a darker mark on the wings, and brown feathers hanging over what looks like darker sport shorts.

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Weight 8.8 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 17 × 21 in