Oh, Look! Squirrel!


by Eugenia Algaze Garcia
Acrylic, 8×10 on canvas, framed to 9×11. Oh, Look! Squirrel! Can you find at least 7 hidden squirrels? How many squirrels can you find? Inspired by a tendency to get distracted (OLS) and a love of puns while studying the beautiful colors of a friend’s roosters and the challenge of painting interesting texture contrasts in this scene.

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This is an artwork of a rooster with a red crest, golden neck, terracotta shoulder, aqua shimmer on dark chest patch and cream and brown back end with an outstretched tail of dark feathers reflecting the unseen bright aquablue sky. In the background are part of a tree trunk and a fallen log. Some stray strands of straw are sprinkled on the dirt ground. It appears to be a sunny day as the Rooster has a shadow, which on close inspection, looks like the shape of … a squirrel! Many squirrel shapes are hidden in this artwork. How many can you find?

I observed a friend’s chickens and roosters several times, taking photos to study in paintings, combining them with a different hidden theme concept for a fun challenge. This one has a little less than a 1″ painted frame as well as being floated in a thin wooden frame. Total measurement including outer frame is close to 9×11.

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Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 9 × 11 in

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