Nancy D Lee


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After moving from Maine to Texas in 1974, Nancy?s early child-
hood interest in art was reawakened and she began taking paint-
ing lessons again. She became active in several art leagues.

She was the treasurer of the Sugar Land Area Artists for 2 years
and headed their judged shows for 5 years. Nancy served as
President of the Lone Star Art Guild (LSAG) in 2002-2003. She
served as the LSAG webmaster and handled their email list and
communications for 8 years. She did the LSAG winners? list and
served on the Rules and By-Laws committee for 5 years and was
the editor of the LSAG yearbook for 7 years. She is currently a
member of the Northwest Art League. She has been the editor of
the NWAL yearbook for 7 years. She also did their website for 11

years. Nancy also headed up the registration committee for NWAL shows for 3 years.
Ms. Lee is an accomplished oil painter whose art works have won several Best of Show and Best Floral
awards along with numerous 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place awards in the local shows. Her artwork has been
displayed in several galleries including the Holland Street Gallery in Bellville, the Southwest Gallery, the
Midlane Gallery, Art Etc., Magnolia in Houston, The Studio Blend Art Gallery in Sealy and Fort Bend Art
Center in Rosenberg.
Nancy says, ?About 14 years ago, I became inspired by San Antonio artist Vie Dunn-Harr. I have taken
quite a few workshops from Vie and have become enthralled by her techniques and now use them in my
own artwork. As a result, my artwork has taken a major leap. I like to show other artists how exciting her
methods are and how they will revitalize their own artwork with a sense of freshness and spontaneity.?