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Joachim Fuchs was born and educated in Berlin, Germany. He moved to the US in 1964 and worked in his field of Engineering. In the late 1960’s he began to study Painting with various local art teachers and artists in Indiana. In the various states in which he lived Joachim continued honing his craft working with other artists and taking part in workshops and classes. He is now a member of the Art League of Fort Bend. A few years ago he decided to share his art with the public for the first time and began exhibiting in local shows and galleries. His paintings have won numerous awards.

Some paintings can be viewed at the Fort Bend Art Center Gallery, and during shows at the 5th Street Gallery, the Ole Railroad Caf? in Rosenberg, Texas, and the Vogelsang Gallery in Rosenberg. His paintings are on display at shows by the Art League of Fort Bend, as well as the Sugar Land Airport Display and the Lone Star Art League Conventions in Texas. His complete catalogue can be viewed at his website. His paintings are in private collections in Germany, in various states in the United States and the Houston area.

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Tel.: 713-594-6196

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Facebook: Jim Fuchs

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