The West Trilogy


by Joachim M Fuchs
In a series of paintings about “How the West was won” I selected and painted three scenes. The first one is depicted here showing a lone rider on the way west seeing the valley expanse in front of him at sunset.
The second painting shows a farm that was carved out of the wilderness and the third painting depicts the western town that was established after a need for services in the area made it a necessity.


The West shows a lone rider on horseback seeing a vast valley with rocky outcroppings, sparse vegetation and the Rocky Mountains in the distance with the sun setting behind them. He thinks that this place would be perfect for settling down and raising cattle and a family. The Homestead shows his dream come true. He has built a house for the family, a large barn for the cattle and horses for the winter and a storage barn for farming equipment. He stands by the fence around his yard talking to a neighbor, who came by on his wagon. The kids are playing in the yard with their dog. The farmhands are by the horses corral watching them, and the cattle is roaming free in the open range.
The Town the sprang up to fill the needs of the people after more farmers settled in the area. This brought needed supplies closer to them. There is a stable and blacksmith to take care of the horses, a General Store to take care of the people’s needs, a farm supply store for the farmers and a Saloon for the entertainment needs of the men. Besides it a hotel popped up for visitors and overnight stays of traveling salesmen and of course the Stagecoach stop and Western Union Office. With all that going on in the town there needed to be a sheriff and naturally the local church. Farmers with their wagons are coming to town, a horse are tied up in front of the saloon, and the stage coach is dropping of new arrivals in town. People are hanging around some of the stores and a woman is picking up her children from the church. Life in the West.

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