Eugenia Algaze Garcia


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Mindful Art by Eugenia Algaze Garcia
Contact: 713-303-4381 (call or text)

Artist Statement – Eugenia Algaze Garcia / Mindful Art

After careful study, I blend the perceived energy from each facet of the artwork’s subject matter with serendipity to allow creativity to play in my imagination to arrive at an expression that settles the dispute in my mind between the orderly left side of the brain and subconscious non-orderly playful right side of my brain.
I translate each subject?s perceived energy to create an artistic expression of color, lines, and imagery (both explicit and implicit), using serendipity as a guide. In my Mindful Art style, which combines left brained and right brained approaches to creating artwork, I explore many layers of symbolism, meaning, and connection, which are revealed, often through hidden images, as I layer the paint or other medium and reflect upon each subject.

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